Raging Menace
Just Who Do You Think You Are?

Raging Menace software is a project of Alex Harper. Someday, perhaps, these pages will contain interesting info about me. But probably not. I've lived this long without a personal web site, why start now?

It is, however, worth talking about the software...

More than two years ago I decided to try my hand at writing the utilities for Mac OS X that I wanted. Tools that I would use to improve my own daily PowerBook experience. I guessed that just a few folks (mostly my friends) would ever install the stuff, let alone use it regularly.

To my continuing surprise, these projects have found a home on the machines of more Mac OS X users than I imagined possible. Since Mac folks are a discriminating lot, I take that as a very high compliment indeed.

So thank you all for the vote of confidence. I appreciate it, and I hope to continue to find new ways to make OS X just a little bit better.

Contact and Email

If you are a user of Raging Menace software and require technical support you can contact the support address.

Other questions, comments or concerns about this site should be directed to:

username basilisk at a machine called foobox.net

(sorry for the awkward syntax, but I'm fighting spam in my personal Inbox as best I can)


The stuff that has to be said...

Raging Menace software is distributed under a variety of license agreements. Please see the license information included with the individual software packages for specific terms.

All Raging Menace software is released "AS-IS" and without warranty of any kind. YOU USE THE SOFTWARE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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