Raging Menace

Mac OS X blocks the ability of third-party programs to use the Command-Tab (Apple-Tab) keystroke as a hotkey. Instead that keystroke is reserved solely for switching applications from the Dock.

PullTab allows you to reclaim the Command-Tab and Command-Shift-Tab keystrokes from the Mac OS X Dock. The reclaimed keystrokes can then be used in other applications, including third-party application switchers..

PullTab is an Application Enhancer module (APE) for Unsanity's APE system. You must have Unsanity APE installed to use PullTab.


PullTab is released under a BSD-style open source license. Please see the "PullTab License.rtf" file included in the download for full license terms.

System Requirements
PullTab 1.4 compressed disk image (dmg)
PullTab 1.4 source code (tar.gz)

1.4 - October 2010

1.3 - August 2008

1.2 - June 2006

1.1 - November 2003

1.0 - March 2003